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input errors, runts, giants, throttles, CRC, frame, overrun, ignoredのエラーカウントの合計 数。. Suggested Actions. Use the show interfaces ethernet exec command to determine the status of the router' s Ethernet interfaces. The presence of many CRC errors but not many collisions is an indication of excessive noise. show interfaceコマンドにより、 Ciscoルータのインターフェースのステータスを確認 できるだけでなく インターフェースで送受信したパケットの統計情報や5分間. Solved: Hello Experts, From last One week I am fully facing the issue with INPUT errors, CRC and Frames. Please find the below details. Now I am using CISCO 2911 router, every interfaces getting the errors like that only. I notice that one of the ports ( 2/ 0/ 25) in that port- channel group showing a lot of input errors and CRC and increments at 30 seconds. Labels: LAN Switching and Routing. 5116 input errors, 5116 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 solution If runts and Cyclic Redundancy Check ( CRC) errors are incrementing in the show interface command output, or Frame Check Sequence ( FCS) errors and runts are incrementing in the show port. LAN Switching and Routing. I checked the port status it was auto negotiating on full duplex and speed 100. Have anyone seen Input and CRC errors before due to speed mismtach? Check out the below explanation for CRC error and farme error and few useful links to trouble shoot these type of problems.

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    The " input errors" counter will increment whenever the interface receives a frame with any sort of input error, which includes CRC among other types of errors. Each frame is only counted once, no matter how many types of. レイヤ 2 スイッチポートに接続されたレイヤ 3 インターフェイスでの入力エラー. Router# show interfaces fastEthernet 6/ 1 FastEthernet6/ 1 is down, line protocol is down ( notconnect)! Redundancy Check( CRC; サイクリック冗長性検査) 、 アライメント、 およびラントのカウンタのエラー数は最小限になります。 リンクが全.